Make Mothers Day Incredible

Make Mothers Day Incredible

For such an incredible mom, she deserves an incredible Mother’s Day. One way to help make it incredible is to give her the perfect gift. One that’s thoughtful, one that’s her style. After all, being a mom is a 365 day-a-year job and Mother’s Day only comes around once a year – a shame, we at Morgan’s Jewelers totally agree – so giving her the right gift to show your appreciation is of the utmost importance.

So what gift is the right gift?

Outside of those heart-melting handmade cards with crayons and glitter, sometimes mom may want a gift that shines in a different way. Yes, jewelry! Now this is where thoughtfulness comes into play. You don’t want to give her just any piece of jewelry that ends up tucked away in a drawer or box.

You should take into consideration what she already has in her collection and what she wears on a regular basis. Is she the flashy type? Does she steer more towards the traditional? Does she wear chunky-type jewelry or is she dedicated to keeping it dainty? These are all points to ponder in selecting the right piece for Mother’s Day.

So you’ve gotten that far. Now it’s time to decide on the type of jewelry.

You can never go wrong with the right pair of earrings. They’re versatile, they can go with other pieces and they can be worn almost anywhere. A pair of stud earrings may be a great choice for a mom with the little hands of a baby or a toddler constantly tugging at anything that dangles. Just a little something to consider when choosing a gift that will get some use.

It’s amazing how a simple bracelet can add elegance without going over the top with too much glitz and glamor. It’s one piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. Choose one with a few diamonds or keep it in line with what she currently wears. Taking a look at tennis bracelets should always be on the table.

Pendants and Necklaces
Think of a pendant as the gift she’ll keep close to her heart. Colored stones to diamonds, gold or silver, we’re sure to have the right types of pendants and necklaces that are true to her taste. They can be simple in design or she can wear a piece that shows off her creative spirit. Let us show you what we have to offer.

Selecting the gift based on her favorite gemstone or gemstones that hold a special significance is always a popular choice. It could be her birthstone and/or the birthstones of her children. They’re eye-catching, colorful, vibrant and they can be shown off in nearly every type of jewelry from rings to pendants. Learn more about birthstones here.

Mother’s Day is certainly an occasion to celebrate. To the moms raising kids, the dog and cat moms, and those friends or family members who are just like a mother to you, Happy Mother’s Day!

Let us help you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. One she’ll love, one she’ll cherish, one she’ll be happy to wear, one that comes in a burgundy box. Stop into Morgan’s jewelers, you’ll be taken care of. Come see us at 77 East 3rd Street in Historic Downtown Winona, Minnesota. For the incredible mom in your life, give her an incredible Mother’s Day.