Choosing The Wedding Date That’s Right For You

After you say yes, before you say I do, there’s that step of choosing the wedding date that’s right for you. For some people, they don’t care when or where, they just want to get married. But for others, they’re more choosy on the particulars, even down to the specific date of their wedding.

At Morgan’s Jewelers, we’ve seen it all. If you’re a bride-to-be with an actual date in mind, you have your reason. If you have yet to nail down the big day on your calendar, or maybe you’re not even engaged yet, here are some takeaways we’ve gathered from customers about why they chose a certain date to tie the knot.

The Time of Year
You know what each season brings here in the upper midwest. Each has their perks, each has their drawbacks depending on who you talk to. Don’t like to sweat? A summer wedding may not be the best for you. Have you always dreamed of having your wedding set in a winter wonderland? Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. Some choose their date depending on the season. Keep in mind certain months are busier than others, so if you’re flexible on the date, chances are you can still have it land in the season of your choosing when booking a venue.

Woman holding a save the date wedding invitation

Different Days of the Week
Who says a wedding has to be on a Saturday? Since it’s the busiest day for vendors and venues, some couples have their wedding on a different day of the week. You may find it’s less expensive. If you had a certain date in mind, It just may fall on some random day of the week that’s non-traditional. That could mean a greater chance that the day is available for the venue you’ve always wanted.

Friday weddings are becoming more common. You could have it on a Thursday and think of it as an extra long weekend. Why not a Wednesday? Or maybe even do it on a Monday. Of course you’ll have to take into consideration your guests, those traveling and those taking off work. But it’s good to know there are other options other than a Saturday.

Pick a Number
Go ahead, pick a number. Whenever someone says it, you always have your go-to. It could be your lucky number, the number you wore playing sports or the birth date of a grandparent. Any of those reasons could be why you want your wedding on a specific date.

Choosing the wedding date that's right for you

And then there are numbers that stand out for reasons of their own. Take for example getting married on the first of the month. It could symbolize a new start. Set the date for the second of the month as a sign of togetherness. Or choose the third because of good ol’ lucky number three. Speaking of numbers associated with luck, you can’t forget seven or eleven.

If you dig deep enough, there’s a significance behind every number. Put two of those numbers together and your date can have two meanings. For example, the number 27. The two shows your togetherness, the seven shows you can’t easily be divided. So ahead, pick a number.

Make it Fun! Make it Memorable!
As you go through the process, have fun with choosing the wedding date that’s right for you! At Morgan’s Jewelers, we want your wedding planning to not only be memorable, but go as smooth as possible. You could say we’re in the business of making people happy. Both through our jewelry and the memories we help create – like how we’ve helped countless couples find the right engagement ring, that special anniversary gift as well as the “just because” jewelry.

No matter the date, you’re always welcome to stop into Morgan’s Jewelers. And when you do, you’ll be taken care of. Come see us at 77 East 3rd Street in Historic Downtown Winona, Minnesota. We want to be your jeweler.

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