Estate Jewelry

Looking for quality jewelry at 50 – 75% discount?

Estate jewelry - we buy and sell your jewelry - Winona MNWe have a nice selection of unique estate jewelry, which is being sold at prices 50% to 75% off what new comparable pieces would sell for. The estate jewelry selection ranges from modern styles to antiques, and everything in between.

Each piece of estate jewelry has been cleaned, polished, and checked for durability and security. We offer a one-year warranty on all jewelry sold in the estate jewelry department, unless told otherwise.

Estate jewelry items, of course, have been previously owned. The selection we have changes continually.

You can feel confident that we will stand behind any purchase made from our estate department, just as we would with any purchase made in our store. Our reputation is simply too important to us.

Please stop in and have some fun viewing and trying on some great pieces at terrific prices.



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