Give the Gift of Gorgeous Gemstones

So you’re still searching for something special for that special someone – here’s some advice, give the gift of gorgeous gemstones. 

What’s not to love about gemstones? They sparkle, they shine, they’re eye-catching!  At Morgan’s Jewelers we know for a fact gemstone jewelry has been on the Christmas list of shoppers and those “just looking” year after year. Heck, people even give us that list so we can send it to their significant other. 

When someone says gemstone, many times people think of birthstones. A gift featuring the birthstone of your special someone is a great way to give jewelry personal meaning. No matter what month your loved one was born in, there’s a beautiful, shining jewel with its own unique origin story. If the idea of birthstone jewelry sparked some interest, check out our selection of pendants, rings and earrings that will incorporate their special gemstone into a gorgeous gift. 

Another popular gemstone offering at Morgan’s Jewelers are gemstone rings. When you see the breathtaking beauty of these rings, it’s no wonder why. Shimmering stones in unique colors set on yellow and gold bands, some accompanied by dazzling diamonds. It’s one gorgeous gemstone gift that’s sure to give your special someone a smile that lasts for months. 

Give the gift of a gorgeous gemstone ring

Speaking of diamonds, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention those dazzling little beauties. Yes, diamonds are gemstones! They always seem to have a little extra sparkle under the shine of Christmas lights. And for the person who unwraps diamond jewelry in a little burgundy box, it’s something they’ll always remember. From diamond pendants and necklaces to bracelets to rings and engagement rings, let us show you diamond gifts that glisten. 

give the gift of diamond jewelry

Still stumped on what to give that special someone? Stop in. Let’s have a conversation about what you’re looking for and we can show some options. Just remember, there’s a type of coal called jet that is also considered a gemstone. Let’s hope you don’t find that in your stocking! 

Give a gift with personal meaning. Give a gift that glistens. Give a gift that delights. Give the gift of gorgeous gemstones. Let us help make your search easy this holiday season. At Morgan’s Jewelers, you’ll always be taken care of. Come see us at 77 East 3rd Street in Historic Downtown Winona, Minnesota. We want to be your jeweler. 

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